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We're all in this together

Palliative Care South East provides support to people with a life threatening illness and their families and friends to live well in their communities.

We provide comprehensive, collaborative, integrated care and specialist support to everyone living in the communities of Cardinia, Casey, Greater Dandenong and parts of Kingston 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge.

How we can help

Our team of palliative care specialists are experienced in providing support, answering questions and offering holistic care in your home. Your Palliative Care South East team will not only provide medical and emotional support to you during your illness, but will also provide practical support to you.

Palliative Care

If you have been told you have an illness that cannot be cured, you may have talked about palliative care.
Palliative care is for people living with a terminal illness where a cure is no longer possible and for people with an advanced, progressive serious illness who need their symptoms controlled.

Carer Support

Palliative Care South East understands that it can be overwhelming to care for a loved one, particularly if
you’ve had no training or experience in looking after someone with a serious illness. Even if you have a health background - caring for someone you love is different. We are aware that caring for a loved one can be physically, emotionally and financially draining.

Referral Process

Referrals to Palliative Care South East can be made by clinicians, including GPs. We have a specialist Intake
Team who will review and process the referral within 24 hours of receipt. You can contact our Intake Team at any time during office hours to check the progress of a referral.

How you can help

Your generous donation, no matter how big or small, will help us to continue to support our community by providing care to those living with a terminal illness and their families and friends. Together we will make a difference. We need your energy and ideas to help build a bigger and better service for our community.


Palliative Care South East was founded by volunteers back in 1984. The philosophy of the early founders lives on in our volunteers. We could not fully support our community without the help of our volunteers. Become a Palliative Care South East volunteer and help your community.